Paige LeConte

Move to the life you want


As the daughter of an elementary school teacher and a self-employed electrician, I was engrained with a work ethic seen mostly instilled in generations before mine.

From a young age, I had taken an overwhelming interest in what made a house a home, as my father and uncles have successfully built their own businesses as electricians and contractors. I wasn’t sure how or to what extent, but I had always known that one day, I too would make houses my career-my home.

Fast forward…

From high school, college and beyond, I became skilled at working multiple jobs at once- mostly in hospitality, customer service, and childcare. It wasn’t until my first real career in the beer industry, as a WI Market Manger, that I had found my passion- a passion for helping my clients achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. While I was creating a successful career, I was creating and growing friendships that I knew would last forever, even though I knew that industry would not.

The stars aligned when I met Jim, a Stark Branch Manager, at one of my promotional events. We formed an instant friendship and it was then that I knew that he would be my guidance to pursue Real Estate- a career I had dreamt of for more than 10 years.

I haven’t looked back! I found my home with Stark Company Realtors and I’m excited to help you find yours! Please let me know when I can help move you from the life you have to the life you want.

**Paige was born and raised in Platteville, but bought her first home in Prairie du Chien. She has since moved back to the Madison area and turned her Prairie du Chien home into a full-time short-term rental on Airbnb. When Paige isn’t maintaining it, you can usually find her boating on the Mississippi, ATV-ing with friends and family, or spending quality time with her new baby nephew, Trey.


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